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Oralinis seksas
Отец размозжил голову однокласснице дочери
Виталий Кличко уйдет из бокса ТАК. Подробности
20-летняя модель умерла, пытаясь увеличить попу. Подробности

This oral sex position does not focus pleasure on the recipients primary nodule, but instead focuses on the cluster of sensors at and around the rear of the scoutwalkers base (often referred to as the barse area). This often forgotten area can be extremely oralinis seksas sensual (no less through lack oralinis seksas of use) and can easily result in a loss of self awareness and control for those being pleasured here oralinis seksas in this way. Again, leg stirrups on have to be disengaged for both parties, but this is one of those natural fall-over oralinis seksas and clamber-on positions that you often find yourself in, so no great preparation or thought has to occur before attempting the Otter and Clam position - the lower scoutwalker being the otter, swimming along on their back eating on the clam held between their paws.

The best way to maintain this position is for the scoutwalker on top to place their legs along their partners, their feet terminating together. If possible they oralinis seksas should oralinį place their legs slightly inside their partners, the resistance bracing them together. The Otter and Clam is otherwise all work for the 'otter' and all fun for the 'clam' who only has to prevent themselves from falling off or (if they are bracing) popping off up into the air. A good one for the battlefield as you present a relatively low-profile target, and the 'clam' can pick off any uninvited guests.

- Seven Pence
Oral informacija rašė:Gaila, kad Vokietijos porno žvaigždė Lara Love nepasiekė „čiulpimo“ rekordo, kaip pranešė Berlyno žiniasklaida. Nepavyko gražuolei per 24 valandas burna patenkinti 250 vyrų. Ankstesnis toks rekordas buvo 249 oraliniu būdu patenkinti vyrai per parą. Lara norėjo iki lytinės aistros patenkinimo čiulpti 250 vyrų. Po 150 penių ji nutraukė „čiulpimo maratoną“. Rekordas buvo bandytas pasiekti viename Berlyno svingerių klube. Manoma, kad dauguma kandidatų buvo vedę vyrai, atsiliepę iš interneto.


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